Mondays at 11am

Studio & Zoom from May 2021

Postnatal Yoga can help rebuild strength in the pelvic floor, arms & legs whilst reminding you how to hold your body & activate your inherent core stability, even when it feels like it's disappeared. You will practice sequences for abdominal toning & lower back pain alleviation. The Yoga postures are specifically chosen for the postpartum body & your babies can cry, roll, join in or be fed. It’s a crazy class of noise, movement & connecting with other new mums. Please make sure your GP has signed you off to attend exercise.

Plenty of parking & time for you to arrive & settle.

  • You can drop in occasionally or attend the full course
  • Our postnatal yoga 5 week courses are available on Zoom & at the studio
  • Once you enrol on the course, you get access to several previous recordings of classes, to practice in between the weekly classes

From May 2021 we move back in the studio & simultaneously keep the zoom course for those who prefer to stay home.

Any Other Questions?

Please email us with any questions & book your classes online, we look forward to meeting you.