Thursdays at 6pm, Saturdays 11am

Safe Yoga from 14+ Weeks

Safe & perfectly designed for the pregnant body from 14+ weeks to baby's birth-date. This class teaches us how to create trust in our own bodies. Prenatal yoga has helped many of us deal with the inevitable fears of the unknown, to lower adrenaline levels & to encourage the release of the special hormone that births babies.

Every week we practice yoga both for our bodies & mindset; think of it as all round training for a healthy labour & birth.

We meet on Thursdays 6pm & Saturdays 11am for 60 minutes of gentle movement, breathing, connecting with our unborn child & learning about birthing. 

Choose your dates, you may cancel a up to 24hours before class & rebook.

Any Other Questions?

Please email us with any questions & book your classes online, we look forward to meeting you.