Alison C.

The studio has been an amazing space to get back to yoga after a long absence. The variety of levels, the friendliness, the expertise, and amazing support from Lucy and other teachers has been a life line and I am so pleased to have found such a fantastic space in Crawley. Thank you.

Mandy H.

I love Crawley Yoga! Warm, clean with a calm atmosphere. I have only been doing yoga for a couple of months but I am absolutely hooked. There are loads of classes to choose from so you can find a teacher, style and level of challenge that suits you. The midweek Yoga Nidra and relaxation class helps me to stay positive in a stressful job until the weekend. The teachers are great; offering challenges and adaptations to suit different bodies and experience levels. I don’t know how I would get through the week now without a regular dose of Crawley Yoga!

Celia B.

I love yoga classes at Lucy’s clean & cosy studio, plenty of equipment to use in lessons, professional and lovely teachers and a huge variety of classes for everybody’s different levels & styles. You will find anything from energetic Flow to relaxing Yoga Nidra or Friday Bliss but ultimately you will feel happy and relaxed. Why not try it?

Maria S.

I have recently been introduced to yoga. The classes are very professional at the same time they are very relaxing and enjoyable. I would highly recommend these classes


Practicing yoga has made my life changed beautifully. This cozy yoga studio is very welcoming and peaceful energy as well as waking up my body dynamically. Sometime I attend with my partner who is completely beginner, but he is enjoying new journey with great yoga teachers’ support here.

Louise H.

I came to Crawley Yoga having practised yoga at home for many years having been unable to connect with any teachers or studios, but I immediately felt that Crawley Yoga was the place for me! The studio is set up to a very high standard with all the props one could need, and is always clean and warm. The teachers are fantastic, and the range of Yoga disciplines taught are very wide ranging, it’s great that they do meditation and Yoga Nidra as well . The fellow students are all friendly and welcoming and it is a very safe space for anyone to practise, whether they are completely new to yoga or very familiar. I love Crawley Yoga! And the app and website are great too!

Jemma K.

I started yoga about 8 weeks ago as a complete beginner. At first I wasn’t sure what to expect and I am pleased to say that I am hooked ! The teaching styles are very varied so it is easy to find a class to suit. If anyone is thinking of joining I highly recommend it I love how relaxing but challenging it can be and the flexibility of times that suit my working schedule. The teachers are all very friendly and are always willing to help if you need it.


I started attending Lucy’s prenatal yoga class exactly 1 year ago, being 21 weeks pregnant her class helped reduce my aching hips and back, spend some relaxing time with bump and learn great breathing techniques. Once the studio opened, Lucy’s prenatal classes were fantastic throughout remainder of pregnancy. Post baby I couldn’t wait to return to the yoga studio and with the wide range of classes on offer I started with the Hatha class & now I use all variety of classes and recommend all classes and teachers. I Have also attended the Mum & Baby Yoga which was a fantastic class which we both really enjoyed! The studio is amazing and that is now supporting me in my Brighton marathon training, something that without yoga I wouldn’t have ever thought I’d do!! Thanks so much to Lucy and all the teachers xx

Rachel K.

I started at Crawley Yoga around 18 months ago and I absolutely love everything about it. Due to life busyness I do not attend as regularly as I would like but the beauty of Crawley Yoga is that it doesn’t matter, the classes are so varied and the teachers are so kind, encouraging and warm that you always feel comfortable to both return to a favourite class and try new classes. There are classes to suit all yoga levels and differing energy levels, it is suitable for anyone from beginners to advanced. All the teachers are highly talented and very welcoming. Everything is made easy and stress free from booking, parking and facilities at the studio. I cannot say enough good things about Lucy and her wonderful yoga.

Helen P.

I moved to this year and searched high and low for decent yoga classes. So pleased I found Crawley Yoga, the studio especially is fantastic, as is all the teaching – focusing on a obtaining a healthy body and mind. So welcoming, easy to get to, and I have been recommending it to everyone I know!

Magdalena P.

I only started yoga a few months back, and Crawley Yoga has made it really easy for me to fall in love with the practice. The teachers are really friendly and non judgemental and very encouraging. The studio is clean and tidy. Their technology is brilliant. The website is really comprehensive and easy to use, and the app is simply brilliant. Really forward thinking. Overall, a great studio.

Wendy K.

Crawley Yoga is amazing! The studios are really warm and inviting, like a “little Haven” where you can totally get away from it all. There are a great array of props and mats available to enhance your practice. A great variety of classes to choose from and available every day, which is great for the shift workers. Lucy and her teachers are the most inspirational people, totally committed to their students, treating everyone as an individual. The classes are really friendly and welcoming, there is something for everyone, from the total beginner to the very experienced. I love being part of this yoga community, it has changed my life on many levels, with all the wonderful teaching I continue to grow in my yoga journey and have also made so many lovely friends. Thank you to Lucy and her team, you are all very dear to my heart xx

Agata N.

I enjoy the classes so much! Teachers are considerate, professional and very friendly. I remember coming as a complete beginner and getting a great vibe and satisfaction throughout the class and now a year on I still feel the fantastic atmosphere and will be coming again and again x

Andrea P.

Crawley Yoga is a fantastic yoga studio alongside fantastic teachers. To have a choice of classes every day of the week is wonderful. I like it that each teacher is different in their own way and that every class I attend I leave having experienced a different experience. Thank you.

Joy F.

Both the yoga studios are fantastic and the equipment provided to enhance yoga practice is brilliant and has been thoughtfully and carefully chosen. The really lovely thing about the yoga classes is that everybody is treated as an individual not just as a ‘class’. Lucy and her teachers know their attendees and are aware of your level of ability and of any injuries etc and offer caring and helpful suggestions to enable you to get the very most out of each practice no matter what level you are. Lucy and her teachers take you through your practice with loving care and empathy but the very best part is how good you feel afterwards. I can never wait to come again so a big thank you to Lucy for all her efforts in setting up these studios and to all her brilliant teachers. Looking forward to lots more sessions in 2015 and trying lots of different ones too!

Maureen M.

Crawley Yoga is just brilliant ! There are lots of different classes and a varied timetable which is great for shift workers. The yoga teachers at Lucy’s are simply the most lovely people, professional, patient and caring. The studios are spotless with lots of props for everyone, we are so lucky to have such a lovely studio in Crawley. Lucy is welcoming, warm, friendly and a great teacher. Thank you for your commitment and bringing yoga to Crawley .

Debbie B.

Crawley Yoga is a warm and inviting studio with wonderful friendly knowledgeable teachers. I love that I can choose the yoga style as I need it. Thank you Lucy!

Kate G.

I can’t say enough good things about Lucy and Crawley Yoga. The studio is warm and inviting, the teachers are experienced and have been fantastic guides on my own yoga journey. I would highly recommend Lucy whether you’re a beginner or an experienced yogi.

Natasha J.

Fabulous yoga classes with excellent teachers. I started practicing yoga during pregnancy and loved it so much as soon as I could I started with slow flow yoga and haven’t stopped since. By far the best place to practice yoga with a huge variety of different classes. Fantastic!

Jacqui O.

Great studio. Very friendly and approachable instructors. It’s my selfish time, and I’m totally feeling the benifits from my practices.


Love, love, love this ultra-friendly yoga studio with approachable instructors and a fantastic variety of classes. I always leave feeling good about myself and like I have had an excellent yoga session.

Lucy M.

I’ve loved pregnancy yoga and know that it’s been really beneficial mentally and physically during the second half of my pregnancy. My baby is engaged and in the perfect position for labour so yoga has got us both ready to go. I’ve found your breathing exercises and tips really helpful and feel positively armed and prepared for labour whenever it finally does begin! My previous yoga experiences haven’t been very good but you’ve totally changed my opinion of it. I’ll definitely be booking into classes once I’ve got the mummy thing cracked and am ready to start exercising again. Thanks again for playing such a positive role in my pregnancy and keep up the good work!

Katie P.

I absolutely love my classes with Lucy on a Tuesday morning. The style of yoga she teaches allows me to relax and connect with my Spirit just as much as my body. I definitely get a work out and a good stretch. For me, it’s a one stop shop!

Jennie HK.

I have never quite found my groove with yoga until I tried one of Lucy’s classes. I have always been a slightly manic exerciser and finally I have found a way of being kind to my body in a way that feels incredibly energising without pushing myself to the limit.

Karen Haynes

Come and do Yoga with Lucy. This is a good place to be. You’ll be bending and stretching which will open your heart and spending quality time for ‘me’

Kari Koonin

I just wanted to thank you personally for the two wonderful yoga classes at the ITI conference this weekend. I enjoyed them both so much and it has made me determined to practise yoga at home. I have been getting a stiff hip from sitting for so long at my desk (I’ve been a freelance translator for around 22 years!) so the exercises you showed us were just the job: I could feel everything loosening up. Intriguingly, both sessions were both relaxing and invigorating! What a pity I don’t live in your area – I’d definitely come to your classes.

Anne de Freyman

Vice-chair, Institute of Translation and Interpreting

Lucy was invited to run two yoga sessions (evening and early morning) during our two-day conference at a Gatwick hotel, focusing on posture, breathing etc. for professionals (translators) who spend most of their working time at a computer. The sessions were very well prepared, fitted the purpose perfectly and were extremely well received by our members. Lucy was a pleasure to work with and we hope to have the opportunity to repeat this in the future.

Catherine Bennett

I have found the classes very relaxed, inclusive, and not at all intimidating, Yoga has done wonders for my posture and overall sense of wellbeing.

Sally Dombrowski

After years of suffering with a bad back I have noticed a real difference since I started yoga practice. My spine feels more flexible and my abs are much stronger. Lucy is a great teacher is very enthusiastic and always makes sure you are in the correct positions during the class. Lucy is a wonderful teacher. Her classes are varied from week to week . Lucy is always studying to increase her knowledge of yoga. I always look forward to my yoga.

Gemma Condon


After being delighted by the news that I was pregnant for the second time my delight and happiness soon turned into a lot emotional worries, mostly fear of “Can I really do this again?” With anxiety, depression and panic attack levels all at their highest I searched the Internet for help, this is where I came across Lucy’s website and within minutes of reading I was sure this was something I had to give a go. I have now been going to Lucy’s pregnancy yoga classes by myself for 5 weeks, the change I have seen in myself is amazing. I now do not fear the birth of my son and believe I am strong enough to be able to breathe my way through the experience. My anxiety is almost nonexistent now and I feel I have finally found something that can make me relax… I truly believe this is all down to the way Lucy teaches and the power of yoga. I can’t thank her enough

Gemma Lane


Having only just started to improve my fitness when I fell pregnant, I was advised not to continue with the high impact exercise during pregnancy as my body was just not used to it. I was frustrated and feeling low, and also knew no other pregnant women. My mum had a look on the internet and came across Lucy’s website and I was impressed with the information available and the affordable course of classes. Lucy is a lovely lady and I felt at ease with her straight away, and despite being a novice at yoga I found the movements in class easy to follow thanks to Lucy’s expertise and patience. I believe that the techniques I learnt helped with my pregnancy related niggles and showed me how to relax properly. I was able to continue until late pregnancy and it was lovely to meet other pregnant ladies, including another first time mum like myself who I have stayed in touch with and meet regularly with our children. I highly recommend Crawley Yoga, and hope to return to her classes in the future.

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