How often should I come to yoga? It is important to find a frequency of practice that is neither too much, nor too little. Try to attend at least two classes per week. This will help you to develop a rhythm in your practice & retain the yoga postures in the body’s cellular & muscular memory. Make a habit of supplementing your classes with some gentle Asana practice at home.

What to wear & bring? Comfy clothes like leggings or tracksuit bottoms are good for the main section of a regular class, we practice yoga barefoot, possibly bring a blanket or nice warm clothes & socks for relaxation.

Wear clothing that will not reveal your private parts when you are upside down & check your clothing doesn’t become see-through if you sweat & that it holds you in. Being distracted by ill-fitting clothes is annoying for you. A hand towel is good for sweaty hands & climbers-chalk is a good idea for hands that keep slipping - we sell that.

Yoga mats? Buy your mat from us, at your first class for £20 or bring your own. We are not loaning mats at present because of the Covid19 outbreak & our inability to manage their appropriate sanitisation. Please bring your own mat.

Please avoid eating for two hours before class, however a light snack up to half an hour before is fine. Drink plenty of water after class.

Blankets, bolsters, cushions, zafus, bricks, blocks, straps, sandbags, eyebags.

Any Other Questions?

Please email us with any questions & book your classes online, we look forward to meeting you.