Walking into a yoga class for the first time can feel intimidating, especially if you’re not sure what to expect.

One way to help calm your pre-class worries is to learn a thing or two about yoga etiquette, and the general ins and outs of our studio ahead of time. Glance through these tips, and then enjoy the full yoga experience! Always remember we are not a gym, it’s a non-competitive environment & we are very friendly.

Be punctual to class

Be not only on time to your yoga class, be early. Make it a habit to arrive early. Disrupting a class that’s already started can feel embarrassing. By holding ourselves accountable & being on time, we can arrive peacefully & draw a line, so as to commit to the practice fully. You will be forgiven for being late but try not to let it happen often.

Manage your attendance thoughtfully

Not showing up without cancelling online means somebody else can’t have your space – please cancel your place ahead of time; we really don’t want to disallow online booking to those who are repeat no-shows.


Remove shoes outside the studio doors

Every one does yoga with bare feet. That means one thing – NO shoes inside the studio! Keeping the floors clean is important when we’re going to be in such close proximity to them & trying to initiate a relaxation response. There are shoe shelves inside the door & boot racks outside.

Turn off all phones & devices before class

Simply turn off your phones & watches or anything that makes a noise or vibrates before class & leave it in your bag. Phones by mats is not permitted, unless there’s a family emergency or similar that you are in the midst of & have prearranged with your teacher. Exit the world of constant communication & step onto your mat fully liberated. Remember that others have done the same & interrupting the yoga zone with a ringtone or checking messages in class is not done.

Mind personal hygiene

Remember yoga class is often a very intimate setting & you may practice yoga closer to your fellow practitioners than you or they prefer during busy times. Please mind your personal hygiene, especially when others may be in close vicinity. Please don’t wear perfumes or commercial scented creams, which an be overpowering for others.


Happily, we do tend to have a chat before class, however do be aware that others arrive & don’t want to chat. Most class settings expect that you be quiet & focus inward as you arrive & set-up. The few minutes before class are ideal for getting your props ready, or a short meditation & for setting an intention, so refraining from chit-chat is not just good etiquette but it’s also really beneficial for your state of mind. Asking your teacher a question during class because you feel unsure in a pose is fine of course, otherwise we don’t chat in class.


Wear suitable clothing

Please wear clothing that will not reveal your private parts in full (or partial) glory to your fellow yogini when you are upside down or in a twist. Check your clothing doesn’t become see-through when you perspire & that it holds you in. Apart from anything, being distracted by ill-fitting clothes is annoying for you.

Respect your Teacher as they will respect you

Respecting your yoga teacher comes in many forms, the easiest one is following the class your instructor is teaching – don’t do your own series in the middle of a guided class, even if you are bored or uninterested. Finish the class & choose another teacher but during the class, respect the teacher enough to follow instructions & do so with an open mind.


Observe Savasana

We’ve only ever had one person leave before Savasana in our history & we know that at the gym, it’s the norm to leave before Savasana perhaps to go to spinning class – but we’re not a gym! It will take time to understand the importance of this last pose, until then, consider it a dedication to finish your practice. Practice silence during Savasana & however tempted you may be to leave or fidget, resist it. This is where your practice assimilates, it seals your practice with good intention & is, some say, the most important pose of the practice.

Say thank you & goodbye

Make sure to thank your teacher before you leave & give your teacher opportunity to thank you for your efforts. Interrupting your teacher just to say bye is preferable to just slipping away – we like to check in with you! Even when you know you are never returning to this instructor or the studio, saying goodbye ends the practice properly.

Tidy up

If you borrowed a mat from the studio, please roll it up tightly, we clean them regualrly for you. If you used props, please put them back neatly.

Any Other Questions?

Please email us with any questions & book your classes online, we look forward to meeting you.